Mystical and Magical Rune and Gemstone Jewelry by Axel.
Made with the gemstones and metals that will bring you power, protection and success in your life. Each piece of jewelry is consecrated in strict Nordic tradition by Sif

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Warrior Armor
and Jewelry

Magical and Mystical Rune Rings, Bracelets and pendants.
Many more styles to choose from.
All of our jewelry is custom made using the runes and gemstones   that will give you the power to live a happy, healthful and prosperous life.
 In strict Nordic tradition each piece of jewelry is consecrated using the appropriate magical spell to empower your piece of jewelry to meet your needs and wants.

 Sif and Axel the Viking Artist will perform herbal, caldron or rune magic rituals to consecrate each piece of jewelry to meet your needs.

Each piece of rune jewelry is a representation of the
Nordic Pantheons that will empower you throughout life.

We will custom make your jewelry to your needs in a rune or bind rune piece. Or choose from our ready made pieces in the most popular runes.

Or fill out the form below and tell us your personal desires or needs and let us prepare your custom made jewelry piece that will help you on the path of life.

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Axel and Sif give personal Rune readings by Webcam.

Fill out the form below and let us know when you would like the reading done.

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Or sign up for our telephone readings that include weekly live readings by Axel or Sif All questions will be answered.
Only $60 for 4 readings.

Telephone Rune Readings
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Additional Products
On our product pages we have handcrafted jewelry and armour.
We have a full line of Medieval,Viking and Celtic pendants.
Our Amber Rune Pendants are hand hammered and available with any rune or bindrune.Pentagrams, Skulls, double headed axes, Viking and many more styles are available.

Our Warrior rings are statement making designs with or without spikes.
We have shield rings, rune rings, gladiator rings, Iron cross rings and our Viking warrior rings, a massive ring with custom engravings and enameling. Our exclusive "Ring of Knights" is a ring unlike any other.

We have a large variety of bracelets including amber Viking bracelets.
Our Warrior bracelets statement making jewelry from days gone by.
We have a wide variety of Celtic twisted wire bracelets at low prices.
And many other styles to choose from.

We have a full line of Viking, Roman and medieval armor and swords.
At the lowest prices and highest quality on the net.